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October 26, 2018
Local Video Ads

YouTube Ads have arrived!

YouTube is no longer just cat videos and vloggers. It has matured and it’s now larger than traditional TV!

Most local businesses dream about being able to run “commercials”, but most can’t afford the cost of getting one up on TV. Right now, in the local arena; YouTube can deliver low cost effective clicks in any local market because there’s LOW competition. Businesses get to be seen by their local audience with a real commercial without the cost and lack of results of TV Ads.

They get massive exposure and branding: Video + Youtube + Local = Opportunity in 2019.

Traditionally, advertisers have bought traditional TV advertising based on GRP (gross rating point) panel data, which measures reach and frequency in an audience. But who is this audience? Did they act on your commercial? What happened after they saw it?


Advertising on YouTube gives you a greater command of the data that should drive your marketing campaigns. The targeting options are just more data-driven. For example, you can target YouTube ads by:
Demographic groups – Age, gender, income, or parental status, for example.
Interests – You can advertise to people who are interested in certain topics. This includes the more granular affinity and in-market audiences.
Video remarketing – You can serve ads to people who have already visited your website.
Placements – You can show your ads on certain channels, videos, apps, websites, or placements within websites.
Topics – You can target your videos based on specific topics on YouTube.
Keywords – You can show your YouTube ads based on words or phrases related to a YouTube Video.

Also can a commercial airing on  TV play 24/7 to consumers watching TV? Of course not! It would cost you millions of dollars to air a TV ad 24/7. With Local Video Ads (YouTube ads for Local Businesses) your ad streams 24/7 to potential customers, clients and patients.

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