Local Maps Optimization

Want to be in one of the top three spots on Google®? Want unlimited phone calls to your business from potential Clients, Customers or Patients? How about your business showing up in the maps section, the most clicked section in Googles® search results, for several of your business most popular and lucrative keywords related to your business.

Google® Maps

This photo represents the clicks on one of our client’s website. As you can see the label with Top 3 Clicks (Maps)  received 69 (44%) of the 156 total clicks and More Local Results Clicks (also a part of maps)received 12 (8%) clicks of the 156 total clicks. Together tallying up a total of 81 (52%) clicks. As you can see being in the Maps Section is a plus for any type of business. Also when your business is in the top position in the maps section, potential customers can click on your phone number and call your business without having to dial your number manually.